Ruggerbugger – Alexandre Pato nude pics

Ruggerbugger brings you this week pics of the soccer player Alexandre Pato. It got some time but we at Rugger bugger got our hands on some pics with Alexandre showing off his huge tool. Go and take a look why he is a wanted player on and off the field by women. And why he has a reputation for pleasing every girl he hooks up with.I bet that you are craving to see how is Alexandre going to be exposed and you are going to check out how hot he is showing off his most precious parts of the body.

He always wanted to be in the middle of the action and the attention and today he will definitely be in the center of everybody’s attention. Just have a look at him and see how hot and eager he is to expose himself, having absolutely nothing on, to cover up his giant tool. Stay tuned to see what is he going to do right next and get ready to be impressed by him. You are going to have a fantastic time watching him in action, showing off his enormous cock that he is so proud about. For similar galleries check out the blog and watch other hot guys getting naked in front of the camera!


Check out hot Alexandre showing off his huge tool!


RuggerBugger – Stephen Bell Exposed

Check out the latest gallery from RuggerBugger including Stephen Bell sharing all his goods with the rest of the world. After one of his boxing matches he took a shower, but what he didn’t knew was that it was a camera hidden in the locker rooms. So he ended up showing his hot arse to his fans. Check him out in this naughty gallery and I promise that it will definitely turn you on big time. Stay tuned to find out what is he going to reveal and how is he planning to enjoy himself right in front of you.

There’s no way you are allowed to miss this chance, to see this super hot video update that is going to make you all horny and naughty. Stay here to see this video, from the beginning until the end, and make sure that you are going to watch exactly how is Stephen going to show off his super hot body curves, his worked out butt cheeks and his super large tool. Enjoy and get ready to be mind blown by him, cause he is definitely worth watching. And he is willing to let you see a whole lot more. For similar galleries visit the blog and watch other hot guys getting naked!


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David Haye Exposed

RuggerBugger is back with another ripped boxer getting exposed. You all know David Haye, well after this gallery you will much better this British champ boxer. In this dirty gallery he ended up showing to all of his fans around the world his ripped ass while he was enjoying a day off from his practices. Don’t miss this chance of seeing him completely naked!


Check out hot David Haye exposing his ripped ass!


Rugger Bugger – Demetrius Ferreira Exposed

Rugger Bugger brought this time a famous Brazilian footballer. Demetrius Ferreira was caught by surprise while he was taking a shower after an important match. He didn’t had any idea that he was filmed in his locker, so he didn’t wear cloths at all, exposing his massive tool and his bubble firm ass to the entire world. Check him out!


Check out hot Demetrius bragging with his massive tool!


Stuart Reardon Exposed

It was Stuart Reardon turn to appear on RuggerBugger. This smoking hot rugby player did a photo shooting a few years ago and now we put our hands on it. Don’t miss the opportunity of checking out his delicious body, covered with tattoos and of course his bubble ripped ass and that massive tool. Check out this smoking hot gallery!


Check out Stuart Reardon exposing all of his goods!


RuggerBugger – Victor Biscioni Exposed

Victor Biscioni is on RuggerBugger with a naughty gallery. The French wrestler was in his locker after an important fight with his team, but they didn’t knew one thing, there was a camera hidden in every corner of their lockers. And that’s how he ended off showing off all his assets to the entire world. Check out Victor in the naughtiest pictures!


Check out ripped Victor Biscioni getting exposed!