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Hello everyone we’re here again with this hot new Ruggerbugger video. We have a special treat for you today. Two hot young football players with muscled bodies and tight asses. We won’t give their names , since you’ll recognize them instantly from the cock and ass demonstration they give in the gay sex video. You won’t believe your eyes when you see them. The two pack quite some cock for their line of work. Cum inside Rugger bugger and marvel at the sweet bodies these rugby stars posses.


Ruggerbugger – Yohan Mollo nude video

Ruggerbugger caught up with none other than Europe’s hottest young footballer, Yohan Mollo. So naturally he now has his dick and ass exposed at Rugger bugger. He flops out his dick in the changing room, and exposes it along with his hot ass, providing a unique show for us, just like in hotoldermale videos. You will never see a guy so fuckable such as this ever again in your lifetime. Enjoy every moment of this video of him.

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Rugger Bugger – Olivier exposes arse

This week we have stunning French footballer Olivier Giroud. Rugger bugger had the fortunate chance to see this gorgeous man expose his package in public. He had an unfortunate occurrence of getting most of his clothes dirty, but we followed him to a local wash room where he went to change. In there we have captured a never before seen video of this guy’s large cock. He didn’t know we had a secret camera with us so when we started talking about his cock he had no holdings back. We learned that when he has time for just himself he likes to put oil on it and rub it hard. He sure surprised Ruggerbugger with his plethora of details.


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Steve Brazil’s amazing cock

This time Ruggerbugger brings you Steve Brazil. A highly successful American football player with a package. And what a package it is. It took some convincing this hot guy but we got a hold  of his pics when he showed off his large dick on camera. It seems his buddies didn’t believe him when he said he had a bigger cock then most. So he wanted to prove them wrong. And boy did he do it!


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Gareth Thomas exposed

Gareth Thomas is a well known rugby player. One time he did a TV special program with some other celebrities. Ruggerbugger got a hold of those tapes for you. This beary man covered his dick and balls with a balloon but his hot ass can still be seen in a window reflection behind him. And of course it has the Rugger bugger seal of approval. Take a quick look at his hot semi nude dance right now and enjoy this young rugby 5 star player.

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Ruggerbugger – Ivan wanking time

Ruggerbugger found out none other than Ivan the hot Argentinean footballer. This image gallery has him take out his huge tool and starts rubbing it. The webcam he used for Rugger bugger to show off his masturbation skills, wasn’t too high quality but hey it shows him at his best at least. Go now and see the self pleasuring show his puts on for us and his big dick right now. You wont be disappointed. Check out website and have fun watching other hot muscled guy jerking off his huge cock.


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Rugger bugger – Andres wanking on webcam

Andres the hot Mexican footballer was caught by Rugger bugger doing a naughty thing. We caught up with him one night when he had one too much . So he agreed to show us his wanking of skills at, but unknown to him we caught it all on tape. He shows us his hard cock unashamedly and on top of that he spins around to give us a sample of that very fuckable ass of his too. It seems this wasn’t the first time he got drunk and did something he’d regret, since he also has some videos of him jerking off in front of a webcam. Enjoy this hot Mexican footballer update inside Ruggerbugger, and much more hot sportsmen.


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Tobias Nickening – Cock and ball revealed

Hey there again Ruggerbugger here with another update. this time we have for you Tobias a well known footballer. We know that you like to see hot muscular men naked so in one particular game his huge tool found it’s way out of his shorts, and we caught it on camera. He’s just one of the famous peoples that had their prick give a slip at the most inopportune times.


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RuggerBugger – Lukas’s big cock exposed

In this update Ruggerbugger brings you Lukas Podolski a young rising football star. Ladies swarm around him all the time and everyone wondered why. Well hop on to and see his huge package that all the ladies are impressed with and pleased by. Luckily we caught him in the changing room for these pics, since he doesn’t do nude shoots. Check out website and fun watching other hot guys getting naked in front of the video camera.


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Ruggerbugger – Daniel Cortes exposed

Daniel Cortes is a well known baseballer, that likes to strip off, pose and show his muscled body off. Ruggerbugger got a hold of his last venture where he got drunk when he partied too hard and was photographed 100% nude, while falling asleep on the toilet. This update was brought to you by the one and only Rugger bugger. Check out blog and have a great time watching other horny guys getting exposed in front of the camera!


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